“My name is Cecilia Elizondo, I`m 49 years old, I have 4 beautiful children, a wonderful husband and I`m a cancer survivor. You may be thinking why I mentioned my family at the beginning, and the reason why is that they inspired me to never give up to this terrible illness.”

“It was monday the 1st of april 2013, when my suspicions became real with only one trip to the hospital. It felt like a dream; no, more like a nightmare of which it seemed I couldn`t wake up from. Why me?  This can`t be happening. I saw how my world was breaking into pieces; when you think about cancer, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Death, I know it sounds horrible, but during that time it was the only thing I could think of.”

“If it wasn`t because of the unconditional support of my sisters and friends, my family and parents, this processes would have been dark and depressing.” “I decided to see this illness as an opportunity to grow mentally and physically, an opportunity to see life in a different perspective, a test that I could pass, a teacher that will teach us a lot of things since being brave , POSITIVE, having faith, a way to become closer to God, and only to become a better person.”

“I have to say that having a positive attitude helped me more than I expected, I chose to pass this difficult test with a positive mind.” “Accept the help that others want to give you; during these times having people supporting and sharing their positive attitude is one of the best ways to face cancer.”

“One important thing that cancer thought me was accept the reality you are living in and to face the problems of each day without caring about  what`s going to pass tomorrow.” “That`s the only way to deal with something as  big and terrible.”

And that is the testimony we wanted to share with you today! It clearly opened our eyes , made us see life in a different light, live each day to the dullest, accept help and stay positive during hard times. It is truly amazing how Cecilia chose to have a positive attitude to face the problem,  how she looked at it like an opportunity to become a better person, mother and friend.

What are your thoughts? Do you know someone with a similar situation? We want to hear you out!





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