Check out this interesting interview!

We took our time to interview Doctor Natalia Garza, check it out!

  1. Why did you wanted to study Psychology?

– Since I was little, I always wanted to help those affected and those who need psychological support.

  1. How long has been studying this race?

-Approximately 6 years

  1. In what moment did you decided that this would be your future?

-When  I was a teen,  I enjoyed helping people in need.

  1. What services offer?

-Orientation, counseling and therapy.

  1. From one to 10 that you love so much work?

-10, my work makes me very happy.

  1. What is your greatest strength?


  1. What psychologists do normally?

-Address the problems of others.

  1. How long is a session?

-Between an hour to two hours, because between less time can be pressure for the patient.

  1. How much time do a patient have to go?

-The majority comes weekly once they starts to come.

  1. Is it allways the same psychologist?

-Yes, unless the patient requests otherwise.


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